Land As Your Legacy

Planning for the Successful Transition of Ownership of your Farm or Ranch can be difficult - Let us help. 

Nationwide® has created the Land as Your Legacy program to assist families arrange and assure the smooth transition of their farms or ranches to the next generation. By working through key issues now, they greatly improve their chances of leaving their legacy as they wish.

Nationwide Customer Testimonials

Watch these videos to learn about the experiences Land As Your Legacy clients have had and how this program has benefited them. 

Since 2011, Nationwide® Land As Your Legacy transition plans have been created for many farm and ranch families across the country. The program includes an in-depth look at the five critical aspects needed to ensure a successful transition.

What are Nationwide's 5 keys to successful transition planning?

  1. Succession planning: Ensuring profitability now and in the future
  2. Business planning: Creating the path to successfully pass the business to the next generation
  3. Risk management: Identifying and preparing for risks to the farm operation
  4. Financial independence: Creating financial independence from the farm so the next generation can start taking income from the operation while the senior operator keeps serving as a mentor
  5. Estate planning services: Getting the documents in place to create an orderly distribution of assets upon death and to settle any liabilities due at that time in a manner consistent with the wishes of the deceased

How Can You Get Started?

If the Land as Your Legacy program sounds like the plan that can fulfill your future needs, please fill out the contact form below, visit our Kent or Copley office location, or call us at 330-673-6723 to get started with one of our insurance professionals.

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